The study of social life when Arab Muslims until the end of the second century through the book "Animal life grand" for Dmira T. 808 AH


Contains a very important historical details of the wide range of the various political and military life , administrative, economic , social and scientific Arab society since the earliest historic times and even periods of late after the fall of the Abbasid state in 656 AH , title of the book suggests it's a book specializing mention the kinds of animals and their attributes and Tabaaha and way of life , customs and traditions and all what comes out from near or far , as described by us Demeiri to end his day early ninth century , but from browsing the book thoroughly and carefully standing on the stories and novels and stories and poems about the private life of people and publics since ancient times such as news concerning the lives of the apostles and prophets (1) , and News The customs and traditions of the Arabs before Islam (2) , and the texts are very important for the era of the Holy Prophet () and his blessed (3)