Effect of usage camel milk on some physiological and immunological parameters in rabbits treated with indomethacin-induced gastrointestinal ulcer


Abstract: The present study was undertaken in Najaf province during aperiod from 18/11/2012 to 22/12/2012. To find the effect of orally gavage of raw camel milk on some physiological and immunological parameters in femal rabbits treated with indomethacin drug . Atotal of 32 femal rabbits(local breed) aged ranged between 2-3 months with an average intial body weight 1410.623 gm were used in this study. The animals were divided randomly into four equal groups (8) rabbits of each group as follow:--Control group C .-First treatment group T1 :- Received orally 5ml/day of raw camel milk.-Second treatment group T2 :- Received orally 20mg/kg b.w of indomethacin drug, one dose/day.-Third treatment group T3 :- Received orally 5ml/day camel milk and 20mg/kg b.w indomethacin drug, one dose/day.The results of study showed the T2 demonstrated a significant reduction ( P< 0.05) in white blood cell mean as compared to the T1 while don’t show a significant diffirent as compared to control and third treatments . And the same treatment T2 has been shown a significant reduction(P< 0.05) in lymphocyte percentage , haemoglobin and packed cell volume as compared to other treatments.