The Usury Effects on The Human Development


This research aims to determine the effects that can be caused to the goals of human development as a result of usury. The including on the hypothesis of the research includes that the usury effects in advacing the goals of human development.To achieve the goal of the research and prove his hypothesis, it has divided into five parts. The first deals with the development of the concept of Human Development in the light of the Human Development Reports since 1990. The second deals with the meaning of usury in terms of language and terminology. The third part has looked at the evidences from (Quran and Sunah) that prohibit usury. The Fourth part deals with the kinds of usury. The last part deals with the usury effects in Human Development through the study of some economic variables.The research proved the hypothesis, that there are negative effects of usury, became clean through the analysis f these variables, that it retards the advancement of the goals of human development. hinder promoting the goals of human development.