Relationship some biochemical and Ionic composition of follicular fluid with ovarian follicular size in local she-camels (Camelus dromedarius)


This project was designed to study some metabolites and ionic composition of ovarian follicular fluid and to relate possible changes in composition to follicular size.Ovaries were collected (120ovary) from 60 adult females camels (5-10 yr. old) slaughtered at slaughterhouse of province of Karbala in breeding season (winter). The ovaries were transported to the laboratory within 2 hours post slaughter. The follicular fluid was aspirated from small follicles (4-9mm) and large follicle (10-20mm).The follicular fluid was stored at -4 Cº prior to assay. Follicular fluid samples were analyzed for metabolites composition (glucose, total protein and cholesterol), and ionic composition (sodium, calcium and potassium). The results showed that the mean glucose and cholesterol concentration were increased significantly (P<0.05) with increased of follicular size, while the mean total protein concentration decreased significantly with inlargement of follicular size. Likewise, the mean sodium and calcium ions concentration increased significantly with changes of follicular size, while the mean potassium ion concentration decreased significantly with increased of follicular size.