Epidemiological study for Toxoplasmosis andLeishmaniasis in stray dogs in Diwaniya city/Iraq


Abstract: A total of 175 blood sample of stray dogs from urban and rural in Diwaniya city /Iraq were examined for detection of Toxoplasmosis by Latex test and dipstick test to visceral Leishmaniasis , with Mercaptoethanol test to detect acute and chronic infection for both disease. The total rate infection that recorded was 48% positive to Toxoplasmosis in urban and rural , 63% acute and 36.9% chronic to the disease in urban and rural , and from the total 45% was acute in female with 51.6% acute in male . In conclusion of samples recorded 46.8% positive for Leishmaniasis in urban and rural, 28% Acute and 71.9% chronic for disease . According to the sex 64.4% female acute and 35.5% chronic for disease with 45.9% Male acute and 54% chronic for disease , the mixed infection of Leishmaniasis and toxoplasmosis show 42.6% in urban and 18%in rural .