Epidemiological study of Brucellosis in Missan Governorate


World health organization (WHO) referred there were more than half and million person infected with brucellosis in the world, and this number may be increased in the future. In Iraq the brucellosis considered endemic disease in human and animals in spite of the measure steps that applied to control on the disease. The study was performed to obtain the information about the disease from aspect: Ages, Regions, Months of infection, commonest clinical symptoms.The data were collected from (266) patients of both sexes in period between (First June-2010 to First June-2011) and the disease was diagnosed according to the clinical signs and symptoms and using Rose Bengal test in AL-Sadder Hospital.The high percent of the disease were recorded in females 143(53.75%),while the males were recorded in percent 123(46.24%). The high percent of the disease were recorded in ages between (31-40)years in percentage 88(33.08%),followed by the ages between (21-30) years in percentage 72(27.06%).The disease was increased in months of spring and first of the summer (March, April, May ,June) in percentage 43(16.16% ) , 34(12.68%), 29(10.90%), 21(8.8%) respectively. Amara district was the commonest region for infected with brucellosis in percent 100 (37.59%), followed by Kumait district in percent 55(20.67%).Conclusion of this study there were high percentage of brucellosis in Missan Governorate especially in city center because high intensity of population and some of them have a tendency to rear the animals in side the houses, which demanded from specific authorities to take care for control on the disease especially in the animals that consider the main source for the disease.