Effects Of Different Types Of Ceramic Fillers On Wear Characteristics Of Glass Fibres-Epoxy Composite


Experimental investigations had been done in this research to demonstrate the effect of glass fiber and Ceramic fillers contents on the tribological behaviour of (15% volume fraction) glass-epoxy composite system under varying volume fraction, load, time and sliding distance. The wear resistance were investigated according to ASTM G99-05 (reapproved 2010) standard using pin on disc machine to present the composite tribological behaviour. The influence of three ceramic fillers granite, perlite and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) on the wear of the glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites investigated under dry sliding conditions. The effect of variants in volume fraction, applied load, time and sliding distance on the wear behaviour of polymer composites is studied by applied pin –on-disc method . In the experiments with wear test pin having flat face in contact with hardening rotating steel disc, sliding speed, time and loads in the range of 200 RPM, 300–900s and 40–60 N respectively was used. It is observed that the wear resistance increase with the increasing of reinforcement material volume fraction while, the wear rate increases with increasing of applied load, time and sliding distance. The results showed that the filler of granite, perlite and CaCO3 as filler materials in glass epoxy composites will increase the wear resistance of the composite by 76.15%, 73.8%, 71.8% respectively and greatly than glass fiber fillers epoxy composite only and granite filled GE Composite exhibited the maximum wear resistance.