Sponsorship contract


AbstractThe simple bail contract is one of the important contracts in scientific and practical life, because of the complexity of human relationships and the urgent need to enter and live in the community to satisfy the humanitarian needs had to be the existence for the sound legal organization to ensure the necessary protection in orderly and steadily rhythm to reach the aimed and right desired towards the progress and prosperity of the community.So the majority of legislations organize these various insurances including simple bail contracts in some detail because it leads to the economic and social function of creditor and debtor together as it gives the creditor security and provides the debtor's trust and confidence. This is one of the special and unique characteristics of the simple bail and where the insurance is either be general, participated by all creditors without discrimination or private creditors without the others.The private insurance are material or personal insurance and this insurance is generally in truth one of the technical means, which gives the maximum amount of legal protection for the rights of creditors to the extent that allowing the general guarantee idea.Therefore, we call upon the Iraqi delegated to go along with economic and social developments of the insurance including simple bail the important in legal and review some of the related issues that need accuracy and clarity to harmonize with the progress, prosperity and stability of life in society.