The role of Granting bank credit policies in reducing the risk and increase profits


This study, based on research and analysis, had dealt with a subject directly related to banks and financial institutions’ activity, as they depend, in practicing their banking operations, on the deposit money they keep. as they must implement their own policies for the purpose of granting credit and the resulting risks may affect the bank's if these things precautions for making it a must on the bank to take a package of measures that reduce the credit risk and therefore provide the necessary liquidity to implement its other activities and then to achieve and increase profits. That is why this study has addressed a range of key things on the subject of bank credit, including: (What are the methods and policies pursued by the bank to give him the various loans in order to reduce risks)?Here it is possible to divide this fundamental question to be several sub-questions as follows: 1- What are the types of banks?2 - What are loans? What are the procedures and criteria used to grant it?3 - What are the risks faced by the bank in the granting of the loan?4 - What are the guarantees required by the bank to cover these risks?5 - What are the types of bank loans granted by the sample and what are the actions taken by him to give him a loan.


credit policies