Study Natural Convection in a Porous Trapezoidal Cavity with a Square Body at the Center of the Enclosure


Steady state free convection heat transfer in a two dimensional trapezoidalenclosure filled with a fluid-saturated porous medium with a square solid bodylocated at the center of cavity, is performed in this study. The bottom wall of thecavity was heated with a sinusoidal temperature distributionq = l(1 - cos( 2pX )) ,the inclined walls are insulated (adiabatic) and the top wall is maintained at q = 0.To obtain the effects of the presence of a square body on heat transfer and fluidflow inside the enclosure, three different temperature boundary conditions wereapplied for the body as cold ( θbody=0) , heated (θbody=1) and adiabatic ( = 0)¶¶nq atdifferent Ra numbers. In this study, the governing equations were solvednumerically using finite element software package (FLEXPDE). Results for themean Nusselt number, Num, the contour maps of the streamlines and isotherms arepresented. It is observed that fluid flow and temperature fields strongly depend onthermal boundary conditions of the body. A comparison of the flow field, isothermfield and averaged Nusselt number, Num with previous work, which revealed agood agreement.