Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate under Thermo-Mechanical Loading


The present study focused mainly on the vibration analysis of composite laminated plates subjected to thermal and mechanical loads or without any load (free vibration). Natural frequency and dynamic response are analyzed by analytical, numerical and experimental analysis (by using impact hammer) for different cases. The experimental investigation is to manufacture the laminates and to find mechanical and thermal properties of glass-polyester such as longitudinal, transverse young modulus, shear modulus, longitudinal and transverse thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. The vibration test carried to find the three natural frequencies of plate. The design parameters of the laminates such as aspect ratio, thickness ratio, boundary conditions and lamination angle were investigated using classical laminated plate theory (CLPT) and Finite element coded by ANSYS, in addition to the design parameters of dynamic response such as load type with respect to time, x and y dimension and temperature value for simply supported symmetric cross ply. The main conclusion was the natural frequency could increase and decrease depending on the boundary conditions, thickness ratio, and lamination angle, the aspect ratio of the plate. Present of temperature could increase dynamic response of plate also depending on lamination angle, type of mechanical load and the value of temperature.