Reduction of Chemical Effects of Swelling and Shrinkage Phenomenaon of a Boiler in Steam Power Plants Using Silicon Antifoam


The swelling /shrinkage are complex phenomenon in the steam power plants.One of the important reasons is the chemical effects, which causes a bubbleformation and hence serious foaming carryover problems in the boiler. The presentwork is devoted to study and measure the chemical effects of the swelling andshrinkage phenomena due to the disturbance of the variables in the drum boiler ofsteam generation unit. The problem was studied and analyzed to find a suitablesolution to reduce the foaming carryover, and hence to control the swelling andshrinkage phenomena. The theoretical part is describing the mathematical modelfor the boiler variables. The drum pressure and drum level at different loaddemands of boiler were measured experimentally. The feed water was treatedcarefully in order to study the reduction of foam produced from a small amount oflubricant oil in the boiler water. The foam was treated using silicon antifoam [SN6010]. The experimental results proved that the silicon antifoam is efficient toremove the foam completely and then reduce the disturbance in the pressure by18.6% and the reduction in swelling and shrinkage was by 29.4%, and 16%respectively.