Design of Robust Compensating Controller for Lateral Motion of the Vehicle


In this paper, robust compensating controller is proposed to control the lateralvelocity and yaw rate of the vehicle during turning .This controller uses the errorsof the lateral velocity and yaw rate as input and the front steering angle anddifferential brake force as output.A vehicle model of dynamic lateral motion is heavily influenced by vehicleparameters such as vehicle speed, vehicle mass and road-tire interaction. Thesevehicle parameters vary during operation; therefore variations of parameters aretaken into considering in controller design. The compensators of the controllerbecome function to variations of vehicle parameters to improve the dynamicresponses of lateral velocity and yaw rate. The simulation results of the proposedcontroller with lag brake and front steering models give acceptable responsesthrough reaching to the desired conditions with short transient period and steady –state error is equal to zero for different cases.