Micro Determination Study and Organo physical properties Of Resorcinol with Thiamine in the Presence of Potassium Dichromate.


Objective: This study aims to estimate Resorcinol (3- hydroxy phenol).Methodology : The study was through the development of a simple and high sensitivity and selectivity to estimate Resorcinol (3- hydroxy phenol) and The method is based on the reaction of Resorcinol (3-hydroxyphenol) with Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and potassium Dichromate at pH 3.5. So The reactions gave an intense water soluble color products that have maximum absorption at 510 nm.Results: This study showed that the ε max for 3- hydroxy phenol is (0.145 Χ104 liter. Mol-1.cm-1), A linear correlations (1-9 μg ml-1) for 3-hydroxyphenol compound was found between absorbance at λmax and concentration. The accurate (relative error was better than -0.2 %) and precise ( RSD was better than 1.2%). The colored product was found to be 1:1 (3-hydroxyphenol : Thiamine) . The stability constant of the reaction under optimized conditions at room temperature was 3.25 Χ105 L.mole-1 .Recommendations: The study recommends the appointment of phenolic compounds or other phenolic derivatives are relying on this method any use of thiamine and oxidized worker himself (potassium dichromate).