Real-Time PCR For Detection CP1 & CP5 Virulence Factors Of Entamoeba Histolytica In Patients Stool Samples In Al - Najaf Al- Ashraf Province


Objective: It aims to determine the genes characterization of CP1 and CP5 pathogenic factors of E.histolytica parasitic in stool samples of patients in AL- Najaf Al Ashraf Province Methodology: This study was carried out for 6 months from the first of December 2012 till the end of June 2013The samples collected from Al-Sadar teaching hospital, AL-Zahra maternity and children hospital, AL-abasia hospital, AL-Forat hospital ,AL-Hakime hospital ,AL-Manathera hospital and private clinic in Al- Najaf governorate.Results: To detect the major virulence factors (V.F.) cysteine proteinase1(Cp1), cysteine proteinase5(CP5) of E.histolytica, Real -Time PCR technique was conducted, by using specific primers for E.histolytica, the results showed that 40 samples out of 162 were positive, out of these positive samples, there were 16 samples positive for C P1, 24 samples were positive for CP5. Conclusion: CP1 & CP5 is one of the most important virulence factors in E.histolytica such as toxin like activity. Recommendation: further study development of molecular diagnosis such as real time PCR for other non-pathogenic Entamoeba species which found in human, such as E.moskoviskii in comparison with E.histolytica, because the RT-PCR quantitative and qualitative improved method for the specific diagnosis of E.histolytica infection.