Estimated the mean of annual effective dose of radon gases for drinking water in some locations at Al-Najaf city


In this work, Radon concentrations in drinking water were measured at 42 locations in Al- Najaf cities, using RAD-7 radon monitoring system of Durridge company USA.The annual effective dose for all samples of drinking water were estimated by equations depending on UNSCEAR organization. It is found that the radon concentrations in samples in studied area were varied from (2.43±0.879 Bq/m3) to (225.5±12.657 Bq/m3), while the mean annual effective dose of Ingestion and Inhalation varied from (0.017739 μS.y-1) to (1.64615 μS.y-1) and (0.088807 μS.y-1) to (0.704526 μS.y-1) respectively.When the results were compared of radon concentrations with the internationally recommended reference levels (World healthy Organization limit 500 Bq/m3) and the mean effective annual dose for radon in drink water normal limits of world (1 mSv/y), there were no indications of existence of radon problems in the water sources in this survey. therefore the drinking water in Al-Najaf city is safe as far as radon concentration is concerned.