Achieve quality and improve "Field research in Acharkhama Industries Woolen Plant Kazimain


The research aims to achieve quality in the products of the manufacture of Kazimain blankets factor which, the company's General Industries Sufism in Kadhimiya, down to the high quality products at levels comparable to competing products. Category lab suffers from a section of the quality of existence which has become a basic necessity in any organization productivity or service. Researcher adopted a case study approach, and included personal interviews and data collection required by distributing a questionnaire form to find out the views and tastes of consumers for products under examination lab, stemming from two main hypotheses are:1- low plant products due to an imbalance in the production machines.2-the reluctance of consumers for products lab. And the researcher to the existence of a partial interest in the achievement of quality by the means available, the researcher recommended the need to find a section for quality within the organizational structure of the tasks done in order to achieve quality products in the lab to meet the wishes of consumers.