characteristics of the learning organization and its impact on the development of core competencies  "Exploratory study of the views of a sample of faculty members in the College of Technology Management / Baghdad


The Present research based on tow Variables interacting among themselves to establish ideological philosophical frame for it, that are (Learning Organization Characteristics , core competence) . A problem has been launched and being expressed by a number of questionings , an answer quoted on it like summarizing the theoretical philosophy and ideological goals for these variables that are from a more modern management trends in the field of organizational development on the Arabian environment and especially Iraq, so then diagnosing its relationship and its impact, it has formed from the sample coming from members of the staff at the of Administrative Technology College / Baghdad . has been selected sample to include of the consists of ( 50)staff which depends on the different scientific titles were selected as sample of research. The research used various statistical procedures for analyzing and processing the data and information using statistical packages such as ( SPSS. V.13) because the research methodized the approach of scientific research that based on Knowing analysis so it is analytical diagnostic study and importance aims to extract with philosophical enrooting due to the variables nature relied on the fact of application for Learning Organization Characteristics and core competence. This research approached the truth of the hypothesis which indicates that there is a relation of correlation and impact among its variables if the strategic leadership variable scores highest value of correlation and the impact indicates that the College management is the core improvement of Learning Organization Characteristics, as the College has highly concern to the single and grouping education as a basic procedure to achieve the strategic plans for best level of performance, growing and distinguish ,Conversely some recommendations are presented matching the fact of conclusions besides oriented suggestions are also presented.