Enable faculty at colleges and technical institutes "An Empirical Study on the colleges and institutes of technical education in the compound of Zafaraniyah"


This research aims to identify a moral differences between factors and variables of the faculty empowerment of both technical institutes and colleges, as well as characterizing the benefits and advantages of empowering faculty , in addition to characterize the obstacles and problems that limit the empowerment of faculty in all technical institutes and colleges . Finally , the research makes some proposals and recommendations that could contribute to support the behaviors of empowerment of the faculty of both technical institutes and colleges. The research sample includes two colleges and two technical institutes in AL_Zafaraniya District . The questionnaires were distributed to (128) faculty in the institutes and colleges , with the titles ( Assistant Professor , Teacher ) . The research has reached to a number of results , the most important one is the existence of moral differences between the factors and variables of empowering the faculty of both technical institutes and colleges, and that the factors are related to the faculty in technical colleges rather than those in technical institutes. The study also found the moral differences between the faculty in technical colleges and their peers in the technical institutes in view of the order of features and benefits and obstacles of empowering the faculty , also the research includes number of recommendations , one of them is the need to develop the awareness and knowledge of the empowerment for the faculty by increasing the knowledge and the participation in decision – making and responsibility .