The impact of the integration of TQM with the theory of constraints in light of corporate governance "Prospective study in a sample of industrial companies In Nineveh "


Total quality management is regarded as a standard for the superiority companies because of it`s strategic importance and support the competitive position, but the presence of constraints operate to limit the ability of systems to achieve higher levels of performance, whether such constraints are internal or external requests a matter that requires Coordination and consistency between the work of total quality management and the constraints on that ,this consistency is working on the freedom of stakeholders through a series of laws and regulations is a safety valve for the work of those companies and it should be no integration among these dimensions (quality, constraints, governance) for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the company and strengthen its competitive position as positive, since the problem many companies is to adopt every method of modern curriculum in Separately, which creates a bit of conflict when the application may lead to the creation of restrictions and centers bottleneck affecting the performance of processes and activities in the company, and it was this research to highlight the importance of integration and consistency between these approaches and philosophies of during a prospective study in asample of industrial companies in Mosul .