Study aromatic Benzene Effect on some Blood Components Liver Enzymes ALT, AST, AlP and Urea Level in Blood to Benzen Worker in Anbar Governirate


This study to know the effects of aromatic benzene and component it on some blood parameters, liver functions and level urea in blood for the workers in benzene stations in Alanbar governirate.For their purpose 40 samples of blood collected from workers in benzene station. The study group consisted 40 workers this worked them perioed btween (8-10) with work and age avearge(32) Years while 10 healthy collected subjects for comparsion during the period 1st of mareh 2011 to 1st october 2012.Haematological parameters including haemoglobin (Hb) white blood cell Count (WBC) Erythrocyte sedimentation Rate (E.S.R) measurement of activity enzyme to ALT, AST, AlP and level urea in blood.The result showed asignificant reduction in haemoglobin level and count WBC the lowest value( 8)gd and (2800)cellmm3 each respectively accompanied by arise in ESR and Blood Urea concentration,the highest value (35)mmhr, (64)mmol L each respectively.Also noticed rise in liver enzyme activity AST,ALT,ALP the highest value (64,65,27)UL each respectively.