The Effect of Eurca Saliva Alcoholic Extract in Decreasing the Induced Toxicity of Liver and Kidney in Mice


This study is aimed to investigate the effect of ethanolic extract of Eruca Sativa leafs in liver and kidney¬¬¬ enzymes of mice. Thirty male albino mice average weight 25gm were divided into 5 groups included group1 (normal diet), group2 (injected with carbontetrachloride CCl4), group3 (injected with CCl4 + 0.5mg/ml Eruca sativa extract), group4 (injected with CCl4 + 1mg/ml Eruca sativa extract), and group5 (injected with CCl4 + 2mg/ml Eruca sativa extract). Serum liver and kidney functions tests were estimated. The results showed that Eruca Sativa extracts at concentration 2mg/ml improved liver and kidney functions. We concluded that, Eruca sativa extracts may exert their prophylactic and treatment role against oxidative stress produced by CCl4 by increasing/maintaining the levels of antioxidant molecules and antioxidant enzymes.