The role of information Alklfoah of intellectual capital in support of the competitive advantage of companies A prospective study in a sample of industrial enterprises in the province of Nineveh


In light of the digital economy dominated the knowledge and attention has capital intellectual requirement can not be waived as a basis for creativity and innovation, a cognitive ability high for any company and the player base to build a strategy for change and the main idea in the production process and then support the competitive advantage of the company. For the purpose of managing intellectual capital of direction the right and work to develop the energies and creative abilities to him and his investment in the proper form to be the availability of information costs appropriate to serve decision-makers, as the decision-wise are taken in the light of sound information. and it came this research highlights the importance of the role of information costs of intellectual capital and its importance in supporting the competitive advantage of the company and to indicate the importance of research have been applied through a prospective study on a sample of industrial companies in the province of Ninevehالمقدمة:


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