Integration value engineering and target costing in the design and development phase of the product life cycle A Case Study of the Electronic Industries Company - Baghdad -


The integration of value engineering with target costing tool is important for any Entity aims to add value for itself by achieving a competitive advantage and satisfy its customers, at a time determined technical costs of the target allowable costs for the production of a commodity or service in the product design phase, the importance of value engineering stand out from the through analysis and product functions with high costs to be able to reduce these costs while maintaining the quality of function and efficiency of the performance of the product, and as a result of the use of systematic target costing in the analysis and extraction index value for each component of the color TV produced by electronics industry has been shown that the three components of costs high amount (50000) dinars, compared with color TV importer and these components are (screen, remote control, the equipment of the Interior) as the index value of more than one (1) which requires the reduction of costs and also make analysis of the value of functions with the cost of components and concluded that some components of the television it needs to re-design using value engineering to reduce cost and become the level of costs the cost of competitors


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