Treatment of juvenile criminal


Abstract That modernity critical stage worthy to be taken into account, because the humanitarian community has realized the importance of sponsorship of the event and provide appropriate conditions for the upbringing upbringing correct, and protect him from all that is threatened by the dangers looming, and comes in this context Maitard his juvenile offender after deviation or risk of delinquency during track and to be checked for the competent judicial authority to try him . As community must take the necessary measures and precautions to prevent the aggravation of deviation or reached an impasse, as the treatment of conditions deviant event for the first time often much what lead to rooting criminal tendency has to become in the future of adult offenders . In order to search on the subject (the treatment of juveniles criminally) has been divided into three sections, devoted First research of the concept of the event and in the two requirements, we dealt with in the first definition of the event and in the second we explained the definition of event deviant and event threatened deviation, and we have dedicated the second part of the criminal responsibility for events in Sharia and law which includes two requirements discussed in the first treatment of events in the criminal justice system of Islamic in the second criminal responsibility for events in the law, either the third section was dedicated to the procedures established by law and that the two requirements, stated in the first investigation and prosecution of the events in the second measures applied to the events. The conclusion will researches what we arrived on it in our research from conclusions and recommendations.