The Impact of Chronological Age on Man-dibular Movements


Aims: The aims of this research are to evaluate mandibular movements' normal values in a representa-tive population sample of various chronological ages, to analyze the differences according to the chronological ages groups, to find out the correlation between mandibular movements' values and height and weight in each age group, and to determine gender differences in each age group. Materials and Methods: A total of eight hundred forty subjects were chosen from primary and secondary schools and college of dentistry/Mosul University students and staff, in the city of Mosul in Iraq, and ordered into six groups according to the chronological age. The variables analyzed were maximum mouth opening MO, right and left lateral RL and LL, and protrusion movements P; considering age, height, weight, and gender. Results: Mandibular movements' ranges and means in normal healthy Iraqi popu-lation in the city of Mosul are: MO 35-70 mm 49.1 mm, RL and LL 4-13 mm 7.5 mm, P 3-13 mm 6.9 mm. The maximum mandibular movements' values were in young adults group. There were significant positive Pearson Correlations among mandibular movements' values, height, and weight. Significant differences P<0.5 were found in terms of gender and mandibular movements in all age groups, except the children group. Conclusion: Mandibular movements' values were measured in order to establish normal reference values in Mosulian Iraqi population. Age, height, weight, and gender are important variables in relation to mandibular movements' values.