Preparation and In-vitro Evaluation of Metoprolol Tartrate Proniosomal Gel


The aim of this research is to prepare metoprolol tartrate niosomal gel as transdermal drug delivery system and also to evaluate procedure related variables like type of surfactant and release of drug from niosomes. Metoprolol tartrate niosomes are formulated by coacervation-phase separation method using different types of non-ionic surfactant (Span or Tween of different HLB value), lecithin and cholesterol. The prepared formulations are estimated for its entrapment efficiency, vesicle size (optical microscope and ABT-9000 NANO Laser particle size analyzer), the compatibility of the drug and additives used (Fourier Transform Infra Red -FT-IR spectroscopy) and morphological characters (Scanning Electron Microscopy- SEM). Fourier Transform Infra Red (FT-IR) studies, confirm that there is no interaction between drug and other formulation components of niosome. Higher entrapment efficiencies are obtained with Span 40 and span 60 (86.6%±8.07 and 78.09±15.44 respectively) and the release rate at 11 hr from span 40 niosomes is found to be 31.18%. In conclusion, the niosomal gel formulation could be a promising transdermal delivery system for metoprolol tartarate with prolonged drug release profiles