Orientation & its Role in the Conflict of the Civilization


Thankfully the broad mercy and forgiveness and Basset his hand over all slaves, his praise, and peace and blessings be upon the noblest of God's prophets Muhammad and upon his family and companions . Represents a dialogue method civilized and sophisticated in dealing with all the views of cultural, artistic and religious to promote peaceful coexistence and to avoid the emergence of crises civilized immerse humanity in a dark tunnel. The dialogue of civilizations and religions humanitarian mission and the option of a systematic and demand realistic and legitimate, including the promise of recognition of the other and right to exist because without non-existent conditions of life Secure and conditions of civil peace and social, but the problematic real facing humanity today is not in different civilizations, cultures and religions, lies in the issue of the management of this difference and diversity rationally and objectively away from the tendencies of intolerance and extremism and domination that civilizations do not wrestle with each other, but Taatlaqah and integrated to produce a civilization New benefit from each other, therefore the dialogue is the salvation of humanity from the scourge of wars and conflicts, ideological and religious. The West owe it to the Muslims for their science included all aspects of life, from medicine and mathematics to astronomy and Rehabilitation as the West and the Muslim bloggers for orientalists who have made efforts to define the West to Islam more than ever before, and they achieve, printing and publishing Arabic manuscripts . Title "Orientalism global and dialogue of civilizations" Orientalism and its impact on global civilizational dialogue. Search consists of two sections, the first section is titled "Global Orientalist thought." The second topic is titled: "civilizational dialogue and Orientalist dialogue". As for the sources used in our research, we used a purely literary sources in this research have helped us in the completion of this research, and pursued my search method in the completion of the sequence of substantive research ideas in order to reach the desired results of this research humble.