Exploiting the diazotization reaction of 4- minoacetophenone for Methyldopa determination.


Based on the diazotization reaction of 4-aminoacetophenone with sodium nitrite in acid medium to form diazonium salt, which was coupled with Methyldopa to form a violet reddish soluble azo dye with maximum absorbance at 560 nm,a batch procedure had been developed for the estamination of Methyldopa. Under optimum experimental parameters affecting on the development and stability of the colored product, Beer´s law obeyed in the range (0.5-45) μg.ml-1 with a correlation coefficient (0.9979).The proposed method was successfully applied to the determination of Methyldopa in either pure form and in commercial brands of pharmaceuticals, no interference was observed from common excipients in the formulations. The analytical results obtained by applying this method were in good agreement with labeled values.