Frequency and Wavelength Dependences of the Electro-optic Coefficients r63 and r41 in Congruent KDP Crystals


Abstract : The electro-optic coefficient r63 and r41 are determined in congruent KDP crystals, using an experimental method based upon the direct measurement of material. Sénarmont system for electro-optic coefficient measurement and characterization of crystals was modified. This modification allowed us to obtain on the frequency dispersion dependence of the electro-optic coefficients within a frequency range up to 20 MHz and on a new version of modulation depth method. To the best of our knowledge, by using this system, the electro-optic coefficients r63 and r41 in different configurations (transverse and longitudinal) have been measured for the first time within a frequency range up to 20 MHz. The measurements have been investigated as a function of laser wavelength ranging from 532 nm to 750 nm. While previously these coefficients where measured at only one wavelength, 632.8 nm, and the unclamped coefficient r63 is known at just 3390 nm. From these measurements, the clamped and unclamped electro-optic coefficients as well as the acoustic contribution have been determined.