Radon and Thoron Concentration measurement of Ground Water in Kufa City by using RAD7 detector


Radon (222Rn) and Thoron (220Rn( concentration in the groundwater samples and their annual effective dose exposure were measured in the Kufa city - Iraq. it is measured by Durridge RAD-7 radon-in-air monitor, RAD-H2O new technique with closed loop aeration concept. Study was identified on the map at the city of Kufa, by GIS.It is found that Radon and Thoron concentration in 20 groundwater samples of studied area. The range is between (0.267- 5.662), (0-0.07486)Bq L-1 respectively, the EPA's maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 11.1 Bq L-1 . Also, obtain this study independent of groundwater physical and chemical properties such as (PH and EC) on the radon concentration. The total annual effective dose resulting from radon in groundwater of studied samples were significantly lower than the UNSCEAR and WHO recommended limit for members of the public of 1 mSv .y-1.قياس تركيز