Indoor Radon Concentration in the Basra Sport City,


Radon from inside buildings, hotels under instruction and basement of the main stadiums in Basra Sport City (BSC), have been investigated. The measurements were carried out in 31 sites, using CR-39 and LR-115 solid state nuclear track detectors SSNTDs. The measurements were performed during winter and spring seasons of the year 2012, for a period of 100 days using a total of 31 detectors . The detectors were installed in underground basement areas of the stadium and hotels in BSC, selected randomly in the surveyed area. The results of indoor radon levels in these sites were found to vary from 203.0 Bq m-3 to 1158.0 Bq m-3, with average values of 117.0 Bq m-3. The radon annual effective dose ranged from 1.60 mSv y-1 to 9.12 mSv y-1 . The corresponding mean values of annual effective dose for the sites was 3.02 mSv y-1, indicates that the basements, storage areas and tunnels are safe occupancies.