Preparation and Study the Characterization of CdO Thin Films Obtained By Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)


In the present paper CdO/Si heterojunction and CdO films has been prepared by rapid thermal oxidation method. Structure, electrical and photovoltaic characteristics were studied for different thicknesses (150, 200, 250nm). The XRD study reveals that the films are polycrystalline with cubic structure, the mean X-ray grain size perpendicular to (111) direction was estimated by using Scherer's relation, the value of grain size is found to be (123.5, 144.3, 216.5 nm) for different thickness (150,200,250nm) respectively. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) confirms that all films have a smooth and homogeneous surface morphology and all films have not cracks. The electrical characterization shows that the electrical conductivity changed with increasing temperature. Hall effect measurement study reveals that the carrier concentration (Nd), Hall coefficients (RH) and carrier mobility (µH) are of the order of (2.95*1026cm-3),(2.31*10-8cm-3/C) and (5.629*10-4cm2/Vs) respectively. The optoelectronic characteristics include (I-V) in dark and illumination conditions, the photoconductivity and photosensitivity shows dependence with the thickness is an important effect. The photovoltaic characteristics of CdO/Si heteojunction include short circuit photocurrent (530, 498, 452µA), open circuit photovoltge (401, 381.8, 349mV) respectively was studies at (AM1) condition.