The seventies of the last century Represents " golden decade " of the national educational system , Iraq has been invoked on one of the best educational systems in the Middle East and North Africa ( MENA ) until the year 1991 .The importance of the study stems from being dealing with the contribution of education in building national human capital because of its urgent role to play in reducing poverty and reduce social and spatial inequalities.While the national database show lack of strong and significant link between education and human capital , research problem dealing with relevant aspects of the institutional and regulatory constraints faced by the educational system , as well as the lack of harmonization of educational outcomes to the needs of sustainable human developmentThe study aims to the need to achieve universal education for all quantitively and qualitatively .While the hypothesis of the study is based on verification of the positive impact that leave education on human capital formation nationally,This survey has addressed in order to make sure the hypothesis is correct or not , or need for the amendment , the changes in the national educational system for the period ( 1969/1970-2010/2011 ) in terms of quantity and quality, and the failures that were exposed , and reached many of the proposals.