Inverse Kinematic of Biped Robot Based Simulated Annealing


Biped robot has become more general purpose in our live as general behavioral patterns. It can walk very similar to human walking pattern. Therefore, many robots have been researched and developed in recent years. Through this paper a planner biped robot is modeled for specific task. This paper tries to explore the potential of using Simulated Annealing (SA) methodologies in the Inverse Kinematic Problem (IKP),utility and effectiveness of this method for the solveIKP of biped robot is presented. It presents a new objective function to find the optimal posture of biped robot by employing some constrain in the objective function to meet best posture. A comparison between the proposed method and the classical method using Genetic Algorithm (GA) are made through the Matlab 2009a software to show the efficiency of the new method. Experimental results demonstrate that better performance can be achieved with this method.