Shrinkage Deformation of Three Different Light Cure Composite Resin Using Image Correlation Method


The study performed were to measured the amount of shrinkage deformation of resin composites with and without bonding agent. The shrinkage deformation of three types of composite resin (Ecusphere, Densply, CHARISMA) in cavities was studied using image correlation method. The cylindrical cavity in extracted teeth ( premolors) are to examine the shrinkage behavior on the top free surface. The cavities filled with resin after spreading a bonding agent are irradiated using LED unit, also performed on the cavities without bonding agent. One way analysis of variance and MOIRE analysis were used for statistical analysis. The shrinkage behavior was different in the cavities prepared with and without bonding agent. Polymerization of dental composites is characterized by heterogeneous deformation patterns with variable shrinkage values at different locations within the material.