Gingival Health and Alveolar Bone Loss Among Iraqi Overweight Primary School - Age Pupils (Radiographic Study)


Many studies have found a strong association between obesity and various clinical and radiographical aspects of periodontal disease, most of these studies were directed toward adult age group only, while younger ages were omitted. To provide radiographic data about the effect of overweight on periodontal health status among Iraqi primary school-age pupils.The sample of this research was consist of 90 pupils of both gender (45 girls and 45 boys) with age range (6-12)years. All were examined clinically for bleeding on probing (BOP) and radiographically for alveolar bone loss (ABL). According to their percentile ranking the pupils in each gender group were divided into 3 subgroups (healthy weight, at risk of overweight and overweight). each subgroup was consist of (15 child). Greater mean values for BOP index were recorded for pupils in overweight group (0.8 for girls and 0.66 for boys) in comparison to those in healthy (0.26 for girls and 0.46 for boys) and at risk (0.4 for girls and 0.46 for boys), also greater mean values for ABL radiographically were recorded for pupils in overweight groups (1.53 mm for girls and 1.66 mm for boys) in comparison to those healthy (1.00 mm for girls and 0.8 mm for boys) and at risk (1.06 mm for girls and 1.46 mm for boys). According to paired t- test most of these differences were found to be statistically significant. On the other hand, No significant difference were recorded between different study groups on gender basis. There is a clear relation between obesity and periodontal health on both clinical and radiographical examinations.


obesity, bmi, bop, abl.