Muslims of Burma's ruling a victory in Islamic jurisprudence


Thank God for the many blessings , which are innumerable , original and safest to master the first two and the others of our Prophet and our leader Muhammad bin Abdullah illiterate Prophet , who led the Secretariat and reached the letter and advised the nation , and labored in the cause of God His right to religion is all God , even to leave his nation the Amahgp white , night is not Azag path that is clear , but it is doomed, and the god and his companions and followed them in truth until the day of Judgment and after:Van looks at the conditions of Muslims today in some countries of the world are infected distressed and pain and anguish , and chilling leather to suffer from the kinds of trials and tribulations , and the humiliation and persecution , displacement and indecent assault and looting of money and was expelled from the homeland , for an era for quite some time Islam spread to a large geographical area , and entered into the a large number of people , whether by the Islamic conquests , or by preachers , or treatment of Muslim merchants with merchants rest of boredom and other bees , which included all Arab countries and access to Andalusia , North Africa , and West Asia in China, after weakness and weakness and division hit the state of Islam , and became diaspora is a lot of Muslims living as minorities in a choppy sea of other religions , in states ruled by non-Muslims , the bulk of them taste various kinds of suffering , killing, displacement and deprivation of the most basic human rights , and those who know today's Muslims in Burma , and the event for their condition there is nothing wrong where is the situation of Muslims in Burma tragic with all of the word meanings, and have been the victims of various varieties of persecution in various systems of governance that have passed on Burma, killing and displacement , displacement and imprisonment and rape of women and localization of other lands and grabbing , looting and burning of property and restrict their movements , even gone so far as to collect Buddhists Muslims in the camps and then burned alive , and has been the case for what it is to this day , if the situation of the Muslims in Burma, so what is the ruling in their victory of Islamic jurisprudence ? This is what will answer for it in the following paragraphs : First: Introduction: the history of Islam in Burma , Second : the meaning of victory in the language and terminology , Third rulings for the victory , Fourth: the most important controls of victory , V. reasons advocacy among Muslims , VI : varieties of people to be their victory , Seventh, the benefits of supporting the oppressed of the nation , VIII means victory , in which she stated Conclusion The most important findings through research , fluidly Bari Almighty that makes my job purely for the sake Karim and benefit the Muslims he listens and supplication .