Standard deviation among young people and social causes


All societies suffer from delinquency and deviant behavior are all no matter what the culture and the form of those communities and social relationships .Faalanhrav existing forms and has different reasons and not without a community of communities, no matter how simple or old or newly only a set of values ​​and goals that revolves around the members of that community is part of the holy places as seen ( Durkheim ) .Through the experiences of community and culture that values ​​passed on through the generations ways and means connected to the achievement of those goals that society considers the shape of the project to reach the goals ( the goals ) .So he drew attention to the patterns of Merton relationship between goals and cultural values ​​, and between the means or the social norms are available to achieve these goals . And went to the various images of deviant behavior resulting from the disparity or the inability to achieve goals through lawful means , and the Department of Merton or social norms ( values ​​) to two types talked about the societal goals and legitimate means to achieve these goals .And we highlight in our search for this deviation and the reasons for and the importance of standards and the loss in the study of delinquency.