Flexural Behavior Of Reactive Powder Concrete Tee Beams


Reactive powder concrete (RPC) is one of the latest and most important developments in concrete technology. This research presents experimental study to investigate the influence of three ratios of steel fibers (0, 1 and 2%) and three ratios of silica fume (15, 20 and 25%) on flexural behavior of RPC tee beams. The experimental results showed that steel fibers volumetric ratio is an important parameter in enhancing flexural behavior of tee beams, however as steel fibers volumetric ratio increase from 0 to 2% the first crack load, the ultimate flexural load and the ultimate deflection increased with percentages 55.56%, 57.32%, and 57.88% respectively as compared with nonfiberous RPC T-beams. The tests results also showed that the influence of silica fume ratio in the range of 15 to 25% is less significant.