The Influence of English Words on Iraqi Dialect


This research discusses problems faced by speakers of Iraqi dialect. They are using many words from foreign languages especially from English language, so these words became part which can not skip them from their language. This study focuses on new generations such as children, young and even adults. Therefore; speakers of these words (English words) in Iraq do not know that they are using English words and not Arabic words. The main problem here is that they don't know the Arabic meanings of these English words. Iraqi speaker when he/she talks one or two simple sentences uses English words instead of Arabic words and this is called (Code Shifting or Code Switching) this is a process to use foreign words instead of words in mother tongue (for bilingual speakers), but in Iraq this process is used for one or two words only, not for a full sentence, and sometime is added to English word rules from standard Arabic grammar which make the word as an Arabic word.