Sympathy between sentences Albulageyen and grammarians


Praise be to Allah , prayer and peace be upon the master of messengers , the Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions .As for after:The kindness of sentences or Chapter interfaces topics grammatical Alblaghih minute and hidden to those who do notSpeculate minutes of language and knowledge of methods and purposes ), a science sites sentences ( (1) , and you need to know this scienceTo a large amount of business acumen and accuracy consider, therefore, some rhetoricians may Palace rhetoric to know chapterOf interfaces (2) . Interfaces is sympathy among the other Ballowao and the like , and the chapter , he is leaving this kindness,This is within the terms set by the scholars , and we'll come to in our humble mentioned this .Interfaces , and renamed differed between Albulageyen and grammarians , it is the same kindness when grammarians , is intendedUnderstand the text link or whether you call it compassion , and understanding of the text is the end of this science. The chapter , isLeave a kindness and a distinction between the two determined by the underlying linguistic insight in the mind of the recipient or the student orThe world who are exposed to both kinds of language texts . This research , and briefly Chapter interfacesThat places a year each and every one of them , which is divided into two sections 3 .The first section , which dealt with , at Chapter Albulageyen and appeal when grammarians each named by him ,And five Moadah when Albulageyen , a Contact Kamal , Kamal Outage , semi Kamal contact , semi-Kamal Outage , and a brother, R. Walt compromise between Alkamalen , then brought by grammarians of sentences where there is a chapterBut the names of different Kalastinavah or primary and Alaat a satisfactory and explanatory ... etc. .The second section , was arrived at for Albulageyen and kindness when grammarians , then a year at three MoadahAlbulageyen an agreement in news reporting and construction , and the difference in construction and news reporting , and the third position isSocialization of the second sentence to the first declaration in the Lord, and what are the letters used in the link that a year each recipeSymbols and meaning of pain and a response from him in affection , then a year to use some of Albulageyen kindness or link without waw ,Provided there is socialization , and how that waw that are used more than others in the kindness of sentences when Albulageyen ,Indicating the reason for this , and what he said grammarians in sympathy letters and what are the implications sentences praying AlmightyEvgahna that in our language , because the good intercourse , and Praise be to God.