Globalization and contemporary design magazines


The world has seen in the past few years, changes in political, cultural and economic, social and technological , especially with the beginning of the third millennium , and still barriers between different countries and different cultures as a result of media, audio-visual and printed , the number of Arab satellite channels and global cross continents and penetrates cultures , customs and social traditions , featured channels space devoted to news , sports, singing , movies, trips and women , marketing and so on , also appeared many kinds of specialized magazines and miscellaneous general and the large number of satellite channels and magazines that focus on art and artists and promotes the last cries of fashion , beauty and toiletry and agility competitions . Became such channels and magazines are a favorite among young people watching intensively and are affected by what is published and trying to imitate .The past few years have a mutation in the print media , such as newspapers and magazines Arab and foreign countries , and became the magazine industry in the present era industry in vogue bring a lot of profit , due to the capacity of its spread and the large numbers sold them and distributed , and what they contain pages of advertisements consumer , no longer purpose culturally only it has become entertainment and Troyahya and propaganda , and no longer a general nature , such as ever before , but appeared specialized magazines in various fields such as the environment , sports, architecture , cars and home decorations , food, children , medicine, family , gardens and so on , with the advancement of the computer industry , software and the widespread use of the Internet has become a specialized magazines in the Computer and the Internet and all these changes have taken place to continue to control the media and globalization on societies of the world and make it a small village .