Photos of civilized boards Caliph Harun al-Rashid (170-193 AH)


Still the name of the Caliph ( Harun al-Rashid ) months from the fire on the science in the world of Arabs and Muslims in other nations that have been translated news to their language and this popularity many reasons, including the effects of those brilliant civilization that grew out of his time , and Tthbtt under his rule , Vraaha his sympathy and fueled Battaih , even flourished and resulted in literature and note rectangular fused sil and art and richness .Including the seriousness of the events that took place during his reign and left behind a significant impact in the pages of history - and perhaps was one of the underlying causes of what Nsjtah Okhilh writers and authors about luxury and extravagance in his court , palaces and his ministers and his entourage , and extravagance in dress up , which has been characterized by its capital ( Baghdad proud ) throughout the period of his rule , which was launched the right to name them ( the bride ) to joy and beauty and glasses live.And books on personal Caliph Rashid and his works and deeds sees a clear contradiction and greatly difficult for the reader an idea of ​​correct information about his life and Sjayah , it is packaged and vigilance to inaction and complacency and build and age to the opulence and extravagance is a devout and strong enough to soak in the Allmaiz because many factors, trends and the whims of a multi- , all combined to tamper with the legacy of this brave Caliph , and distorting the facts in the history of his life , and most of these factors was stressful and daring to distort history, populism , which rolled up its teeth and raised Oqlamha poisonous to start a smear campaign and challenge the character of the rational .The research marked ( Photos civilized boards of Caliph Harun al-Rashid ) in six axes councils literary poets , writers and scientific councils , the care of good these councils attention aspiring , and near the scientists and the most honorable and he learns a lot from them , and the religious councils , and was jealous of the Islamic religion and to prevent the controversy which in order to maintain the vocabulary of Islamic law .The councils intellectual no less important than other boards and systems of these councils scientists and scholars and writers , poetry and linguists and grammarians and was brimming with thought and science.And medical boards , where he was the caliph Rashid brings renowned physicians from regions of the State to provide the Abbasid caliphate special services and public services involving nationals of the Abbasid state in the case of the spread of epidemics and diseases and how to address them .The councils of intellectual and artistic councils where the Caliph encouraged rational owners of music , singing and drowned them money and encourage them to improve this art which represents the image of cultural images .