Relationship drainage networks in the valleys on the way to design Qanater science aperture (using modern techniques)


The Hydro-morphology and architect studies focused profoundly on tackling the drainage basins especially of activated of geomorphologic processing ( Erosion and deposition ) with special focus on flash – flooding and their damaging effect on hydrologic systems , such as dams , roads and bridges .The problem lies in discovering the natural characteristics of water networks and their effects on the culverts efficiency of established on the road connecting Al-Alam and Al-Fatha in letting flooding through those culverts flooding which occur during the months , of precipitation which intended between October and July.The studies has required to use a group of programs, Erdas 8.4 , Arc GIS 9.3 and Global Mapper ) .Because these basins are ungauged to estimate the maximum drainage, a group of Equations have be utilized such as : rational method , Snider and Maning and addition to using equation ( culvert flow ) to find the present capacity and has been found that some of this culverts equal , the maximum drainage , whereas others have culverts capacity exceed the maximum drainage , but field works indicates that flooding passes over two culverts and this in because the openings are full of deposition , moreover the canal has changed it path through which flowing in not appropriate