England War of the Roses in the years 5541 - 5511


The wars of serious pests that eat away the lives of nations and Tnekha on an ongoing basis as harmfulJoints where different life : from the political , economic , social , they are demolished each elementEvolutionary process in countries where raging . Uusimaa to those which are internal tougher thanForeign as the latter's political and economic risks of wars , but the internal reflections of chronicSocial reality and the disintegration of social ties and delayed the process of educational , cultural and healthMore and more dangerous than the rest of the war .So it was a choice of d Rissah one of those wars , which later became a lesson for the people of the enlightened .The , 1 War of the Roses , which took place on the land Anklt a year for the period ) 1541 1511 ( one of the most -Internal wars that ravaged the state and those affected in all walks of life At the levelThe war was a political family belonging to both parties vying for power to large familyThe same , while a clear impact in economic terms due to a shift of a pleased Anklt a year to arenasInternal battles , as well as the social aspect , which is the most important pillars of life because of its relationship with the lives ofSociety and its impact on the Walt linking family , not only the effects of large tyranny was to eliminateThe police force , which a year by Tat clearly visible.