Serves as the manifestations of language in old books


Effort many of the ancients themselves in revealing the secrets of the Arab Vtkelmoa on the genesis of language and their growth and development , and making note of that shrine as they struggled words of the language, and contested in its standards and balances , and virtually in control of everything that pronounces said .The case of the addressee and the addressee , the type of discourse , and the time and place , and the body , and cases of denials and introduce her , he was in place as a whole, or summons before speaking and time, and beyond, you will find the speaker creative pronunciation appropriate visualization and application , or distorted the reign of words inspired by the case , perhaps this phrase popularized and grew , and perhaps for the right development and change from time to time , there are some that you see a firm and it wears off .In the habitats of many language books demonstrate the speaker acted in sounds and words Eptdah Aptdaa act , which is in all of this is affected by several factors including: the psychological factor that was present when the Arab and innate instinct , every phrase uttered , every word you choose .This diversity was not limited to one day phenomenon methodology , nor the so-called right and mistake and delusion , and can not make it sound effect devoid of significance . It has to be reconsidered in the causes , it is unreasonable to accommodate the phenomenon of this magnitude , and the words to tell this diversity , and this abundance , and is not for the purpose of a voice , or an innate tendency to intervene in its creation . There is a reality which is that derivations of verbal language in Arabic make up more than 80% of the vocabulary , but these derivations are derived only subject to place , and like this available in written language and anecdotes and wrote dictionaries meanings like a book well and Book sieving and book the creation of man and ... etc. .This research aims to not diaspora proving the link between psychological factors and the current , and the generation of words and this survey signals the ancients in their books , and try to guide it reminded him of the tab ; to know the magnitude of this phenomenon, and take advantage of them in obstetrics future . And also opens up a lesson in language , seeks to demonstrate the diversity of the secret formulas in Arabic . Then he begins a new phase in the Quranic lesson ; statement secrets to diversity in the readings , and the miracle of the semantic diversity , and its impact on the interpretation of the Quranic text .Emphasis will be placed on the impact primarily in the generation of semantic words characterized by bizarre , strange or verbal , which rarely counted or language or Tohma . Or simulation , which occurred when the votes , and the heart , and the replacement , or sculpture , installation , or growing on the meaning of the words of one . It will be in two sections : First: the case in place of the old books . And the other : the manifestations primarily in the linguistic phenomena .