Time in the stories of the beauty of Nuri (Study)


The research in the study time element in the stories of the beauty of Nuri , time as an important element of narrative construction , a thread that combines parts of the whole story . The study included the approach to the problem of time which arises because of the relationship existing between the timelines , the time of the speech and the time of the imagination , the most important issues related to the reductive study time in the stories being studied in two types of relationships1 - relationship chronological order : the relationship between the system the sequence of events in the story with the system appearing in narrative text and through this relationship Mvariqtin been identified , namely:A - loopback Bonamath three : internal - external - mixed .And then determine the extent of recovery , which is distributed on two key are:1 - a long-term recovery . 2 - near-term recovery .B - preemption , and the most important aspects that emerged out : the normative , suggestive , and static .2 - soundly schedule , or duration ( a relationship that means measuring the speed , and we set to examine the relationship between the duration of the facts and the time it takes , and the length of the text relative to the number of delimited or pages, and which emerged four movements narrative , which is working to speed up the narrative , namely:- Deletion Bonamath three , deletion of schedule, and deletion of schedule, and the implicit deletion .- The total ( Conclusion ), a narrative of the events take a long time in a few words without going into details.The movements that slow down the narrative are: - the scene, Bnmtih talk show , and collages . - And then pause descriptive distributed on two axes : Character description - description and location .