Media and public opinion industry Descriptive study of the methods and pathways industry public opinion


This study aims at identifying the bases and means of making public opinion in contemporary societies, especially after decay role that was played by traditional means such as the family, school, and by focusing on the finite role and effectiveness of mass media associated with significantly techniques and modern technology. This even took outperform significantly on traditional means of re-manufacture and formulation of a new public opinion and the foundations and principles of configuration may not often aligned with political and social systems, economical and cultural conditions prevailing locally, regionally or nationally.The study found that the explosive revolution in the means of communication, satellites and the world became what is known as the small village that occurred at the end of the twentieth century, was one of the main factors which entered in formulating the public opinion on different levels that were mentioned in the search, and this phenomenon has political, social and global dimensions and that by controlling mass media that aims at formulating a new public opinion throughout the world. So that the public opinion on different levels and techniques depends on the media as an active and influential tools in the formulation of its components, and it became clear that there are methods and multiple messages used by the media to form the public opinion to serve the interests and goals of others. Besides, these methods gave Media the ability to formulate its communicative media message in a way that serves the purpose toward public opinion in any levels.