The development of railways in the United States 1865-1914


The 1865 phase of the beginning of a new era in the U.S. economy due to the end of the civil war and enact laws and legislation important to the advancement of the state's economic , as it led railways play a vital role in the United States that continent characterized by Bmessahadtha sprawling , and is the railway of the most important Mataatmes by States United , especially in the nineteenth century , as described by historians as the biggest work done by humanity because it has caused an upheaval in the concepts of economic and social development , also promised the sector code United States modern because of the massive developments and rapid that accompanied its inception , it has not led any economic sector role in development the U.S. economy also played the railway through the clear impact it has had on other economic sectors , especially agriculture, trade and industry. Linked to the growth and prosperity of many cities in the United States big lines railway , was the relationship between the growth of these cities and railway reciprocal While they stretch it to connect cities list appears new cities on both sides of the line, has met the entry train to the United States in the quarter the first of the nineteenth century many difficulties , including topographic and other financial However, the success of the experiment in Britain push the Americans to try to overcome these difficulties in order to deliver this service to the longest distance possible .